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Quartz, Rutilated Quartz & Citrine Mala

Quartz, Rutilated Quartz & Citrine Mala

This Malas main stone, Quartz, enhances spiritual growth, awareness and wisdom. It increases inspiration and creativity. Rutilated Quartz accent beads help cleanse and energize the aura while drawing off negative energy and letting go of the past. Accompanied by Faceted Citrine marker beads promoting motivation, creativity and encourages self-expression. Very emotionally balancing.


The Green Aventurine guru bead known to dissolve negative emotions and thoughts, brining well being and emotional calm. Brass spacers bead along with the third eye chakra symbol at the base - bringing in clarity, insight and self awareness.


Made with 7mm beads and 6mm marker beads making the Chakra symbol fall just below the rib cage.

Marker beads every 12th bead; marker beads are helpful place markers when chanting smaller sections of mantra or doing breath work.


Malas are made while chanting Om Shreem, calling forth the many blessings of abundance.


All Malas are smudged with sage to cleanse the energy before packing and shipping.


Free Japa Mala meditation session to learn how to use your new Mala and receive a personalized mantra.

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