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Vitality Mala

Vitality Mala

Using Red Jasper for its ability to enhance physical strength and vitality, helping one recover from physical weakness due to illness. Smokey Quartz for protection by dispelling the physical effects of negative energies. Onyx, helping one align to inner strength, self mastery and confidence while relieving one of anxiety and self-doubt. With the addition of a Black Obsidian pendant facilitating psychic cleansing, grounding and spirit communication.


8mm Red Jasper and Onyx beads, 6mm Smokey Quartz with silver spacers around every 12th marker bead making the Obsidian pendant sit just above the naval center.


Marker beads every 12th bead; marker beads are helpful place markers when chanting smaller sections of mantra or doing breath work.


Malas are made while chanting Om Shreem, calling forth the many blessings of abundance.


All Malas are smudged with sage to cleanse the energy before packing and shipping.


Free Japa Mala meditation session to learn how to use your new Mala and receive a personalized mantra.

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