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Mountains, Peace

You already have the tools to heal

 It's just a matter of remembering how to use them.

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We are all capable of accessing this knowledge that lies inside each and everyone one of us.
It is just a matter of remembering how to use the tools you are born with.

We all have a story, and that story is meant to be told and to be let go of. At times in our lives, we all need support and guidance, a road map to a new way of life, a shift of perspective so you can connect to that inner light and love and discover your inner compass.

Work With

Connect to your inner wisdom by using your unique gifts.

Wellness Coach


Elevate your unique vibration.

Special Events

Inperson & Online

Guiding you towards elevated states of consciousness.

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Buddha, Meditation

Elevate Your Mind

Meditation Malas tailored to what you are trying to align to.


Weekly Classes

Himalayan Kundalini & Aerial Yoga 

Class Schedule

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