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Capricorn Gemstone Mala

Capricorn Gemstone Mala

Combining a few Gemstones known to be beneficial for the sun sign Capricorn. Smokey Quartz, with its grounding and manifestation of ones dreams combined with the power of Green Aventurine, know to inspire self confidence bringing good fortune and blessings your way.  With the added support of Tigers Eye, bringing balance, vitality, emotional harmony and clarity to the wearer. A hint of Clear Quartz to amplify clearing, cleansing and memory.


Made with 8mm Green Aventurine and Tigers eye, 6mm Smokey Quartz making the pendant at the bottom rest just above the naval center.


All Malas are made while chanting Om Shreem, calling forth the many blessings of abundance.


All Malas are smudged with sage to cleanse the energy before packing and shipping.


Free Japa Mala meditation session to learn how to use your new Mala and receive a personalized mantra.

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