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Matte Onyx & Picture Jasper Mala

Matte Onyx & Picture Jasper Mala

This powerful Mala made of Onyx, helps one align to inner strength, self mastery and confidence while relieving one of anxiety and self-doubt. Picture Jasper used through out the Mala and as the marker beads is a powerful grounding stone that promotes connection to the Earth helping one live in balance.


The silver Buddha head guru bead represents the attainment of enlightenment reminding us of the knowledge and wisdom of the Buddha. Real Silver spacers along with a throat chakra symbol at the base- aiding self expression and ability to speak the truth.


Made with 8mm beads so the Chakra symbol falls right above the naval.

Marker beads every 12th bead; marker beads are helpful place markers when chanting smaller sections of mantra or doing breath work.


All Malas are made while chanting Om Shreem, calling forth the many blessings of abundance.


All Malas are smudged with sage to cleanse the energy before packing and shipping.


Free Japa Mala meditation session to learn how to use your new Mala and receive a personalized mantra.

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