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Women's Holistic Alignment Program & Yoga Retreat

April - June 2024

I am one of six leaders who are part of this  At-Home + Retreat  Journey hosted by Mystic Gardens. 
You will be guided through Yoga, Guided Ritual, Movement, Connection, Creativity, One on One Healing Sessions, Personal Introspection, Joyful Celebration, and Blissful Relaxation.

An 8 week at-home wellness journey including a 4 day, 3 night retreat nestled in the quiet hills of Mendocino county, among Redwoods, wild meadows, and pastures.

Dissolve energetic blockages for renewed physical vitality and embodied feminine flow.
Connect with women from diverse backgrounds to ignite the Goddess within you and return to your own community with more emotional space to live with an aligned sense of self.
Step to your personal edge physically, mentally, and spiritually - towards bliss.

A chance to ignite your current personal evolution and renew your body's vitality.

What you recieve 

7 At-Home Modules


Including LIVE Classes, Recordings

& Printed Guidebook

Somatic Healing Yoga Series, Kundalini, Breathwork, Herbalism, and more.

+ Bonus One-On-One Healing Sessions

See Curriculum Details Here

All-Inclusive Retreat


June 20-23rd, 2024
In beautiful Mendocino County, California - A journey through nature, collective celebration, and blissful relaxation.

Register Here

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